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Count yourselves before you are counted

Discussion in 'Islam' started by fairy, Mar 17, 2007.

  1. fairy

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    Mar 15, 2007
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    As'salam Walikum

    Here is something very nice, good to read at Fajr insha'Allah.
    Let this be a reminder to us.

    Count yourselves before you are counted

    Islamic daily life

    Have you prayed Fajr, every day with the group, in the Masjid?

    Did you perform all of the prayers daily inside the Masjid,
    with the group?

    Did you read from the Book of Allah (Quran) today?

    Did you mention Allah and Glorify Him after each prayer?

    Did you keep the extra prayers (Sunnah) before or after each prayer?

    Were you concentrating daily on your prayers by meditating
    on what you said in your prayers?

    Have you remembered Death and the Tomb today?

    Have you thought about the Day of Judgment and its overwhelming

    Have you asked Allah three times to permit you into Paradise?
    Because if you say: Oh Allah, permit me into Paradise. three times,
    the Paradise will reply: Oh Allah, allow him/her to enter me.

    Have you asked Allah to protect you from the Hellfire today, three
    times? If you did the Hellfire will say: Oh Allah, protect him/her
    from me. [Tirmidhi]

    Did you read a Hadith about the Prophet (SAW) today?

    Haven't you thought about being away from those who are evil doers?

    Have you tried to avoid laughing and joking too much or too often?

    Did you thank Allah for bestowing on you the hearing, sight, good
    heart, and all the other gifts?

    Did you pay charity today to the poor and needy?

    Did you get angry for your own sake or for the sake of Allah?

    Did you avoid arrogance and self admiration?

    Have you cried today out of the fearness of Allah?

    Did you mention Allah after Fajr or Isha prayer?

    Have you asked Allah to forgive you from the sins and transgressions
    that you have committed, by making (astaghfir) seeking forgiveness
    from sins?

    Did you ask Allah sincerely and honestly today to grant you shaheed
    (martyrdom)? The Prophet(SAWS) said: The one who asks Allah
    sincerely to grant him/her shaheed, Allah will grant it to him/her
    even though he/she dies in his/her bed. [Muslim]

    Did you ask Allah to stabilize your heart and you religion?

    Did you take the opportunity to make dua (supplication) in the
    hours that Allah accepts them?

    Did you buy a new Islamic book for the sake of learning from it the
    knowledge of the religion?

    Did you seek forgiveness for the Believers, men and women, alive or
    dead, because if you did, Allah will reward you for each of them.

    Did you thank Allah for His Blessings on you, by making you Muslim
    and for the Blessings of Islam?

    Did you visit a brother or sister for the sake of Allah?

    Did you invite people to Allah, your family, your brothers, sisters,
    or neighbors, or those whom you have been in contact with?

    Were you kind to your parents today?

    Have you faced a problem and did you say:Inna li lehi wa inna leh
    raja'oon (By Allah we are created and to Him we shall return)?

    Have you made dua by saying,Oh Allah, I seek refuge in You, from
    the things I have committed wrongfully and knowingly. And I seek
    forgiveness for the things that I have committed without my knowledge.
    If you say this Allah will wipe off the big sins and the small sins.
  2. mohtarum

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    Mar 31, 2007
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    Subhan Allah!
  3. nrbhayo

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    Nov 23, 2009
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