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Fast Browsing Tips Tips to speed up your Internet access

Discussion in 'Web Related' started by shadow, Jun 19, 2007.

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    Asalam Alekum Friends....
    Fast Browsing Tips Tips to speed up your Internet access

    Is your Internet connection slow?
    Do you wait ages for the next page to download?
    Do you feel like breaking the monitor in frustration?
    Do not despair. Follow our simple tips on speeding up your web browsing, and keep smiling
    According to a report released by NetRatings, more than 25% of all time spent on the Internet is wasted waiting for web pages to download. The report estimates that the average home Internet user spends over nine minutes a day sitting, staring and waiting. In countries like Pakistan this problem is worse, and turns off many people from accessing the Internet.
    Help is at hand, though. There are a number of small tricks and tips that will help you browse faster and more efficiently.

    Increase Your Cache Size
    The cache is where internet pages and graphics are stored on your hard disk after they have been downloaded from the internet. By increasing the cache size, your browser may not need to download pages that you have visited previously.
    In Netscape Navigator go to Edit/Preferences/Advaced/Cache menu to change the settings.
    In Internet Explorer go to View/Options/General/Temporary Internet Files/Settings tab to increase the size of your cache.

    Do not check for newer version of the cached pages
    Pages on the internet are on average updated every 40 to 50 days. Depending on the content of the site, you may not need to view the latest version of the page, and can access the page directly from your cache.
    In Netscape Navigator go to Edit/Preferences/Advaced/Cache menu and click "Never" for the option "Document in cache is compared to document on network"
    In Internet Explorer go to View/Options/General/Temporary Internet Files/Settings tab and click "never" for the option "Check for newer version of the page"
    To see the latest version of the page you can always click the "Reload" or "Refresh" button on the top bar of your browser.

    Faster Searching
    If you type in more than one word in the little bar window at the top of your browser meant for entering addresses, the words are sent as a query to a randomly selected search engine. This saves the time that you spend in going to a search engine site and waiting for the page to load before starting your search. Try it!
    You can also use utilties like WebFerret and Naviscope to do more comprehensive and faster searches. Web Ferret uses other search engines and presents you with compiled results. Naviscope is a browser enhancement which speeds up web searches by downloading the next page for search results while you are viewing the first page. When you click the "Next" button- the page is displayed instantaneously.

    Easier URLs
    Typing in "yahoo" is easier and faster than typing 'http://www.yahoo.com". The good news is that you do not need to type in the full address. Just put in the relevant word in the address bar and your browser will complete the rest of the address.

    Use your Bookmarks as your Home Page
    Netscape Navigator saves your bookmarks as an HTML file (probably in C:/Program Files/Netscape/Users/username/bookmark.htm). Go to Edit/Preferences/Navigator and select this file as your Home Page- so that all your bookmarks are displayed when you start browsing.

    Re-start Downloads after getting disconnected.
    If you get disconnected while downloading a file, try reconnecting and re-starting the download by clicking on the link to the file. Chances are that you will be able to pick up the downloading where you left off.
    Give this utility the address of the file you want to download and say goodbye to your worries.

    Turn off Multimedia
    Pictures, sound, aniations and video all slow down Internet access, and they can be turned off in Internet Explorer by going to View/Options/Advanced/Multimedia. In Netscape Navigator go to Edit/Preferences/Advanced menu to adjust the settings.

    Open Link in New Window
    Having 2 or 3 windows open can make browsing into a totally new experience. If you see an interesting link on a page, but still want to continue reading the page you are on, just right-click on the link and choose the "Open link in new window" option. You may then re-size both the windows so to your liking and continue browsing. If you are using a low resolution (640*480 or 800*600) you may want to keep the windows full size and switch between the two.

    Use a Web Proxy
    A web proxy is a basically a cache on your Internet Service Provider's (ISPs) system. Many commonly accessed sites are cached with your ISP and can be downloaded much faster as compared to downloading using a direct connection to the Internet. If the page you want is not cached with your ISP the request is forwarded to the site on the Internet. Using a proxy can make a significant difference in your browsing speed. Email your ISP to find out whether they provide this service, and if so get the details of how to set up your broswer to use the Proxy Server.

    Pre-Load Internet Pages
    Programmes like Peak Jet pre-load the pages that are linked to the page that you are viewing. When you click on a link the next page is displayed immediately- as it has already been downloaded. This may appear to be a waste of badwidth at times, but can be extremely useful with some sites.

    Browse at Off-Peak Hours
    Try browsing late, late at night or early morning and you may be surprized at the speed you get. Someone suggested in the letters to the editor in the daily Nation, that Internet Service Providers in Pakistan encourage you to get up for Fajir prayers, as that is the only time you can connect to them. Try it!

    Upgrade your Modem Drivers
    Your modem needs the right software/drivers for optimum performance. Visit your modem manufacturer's web page to download the latest drivers.

    Read Mail Offline
    You already do this, don't you? Connect briefly to the Internet, download your mail, disconnect. Read and reply at your leisure, and then re-connect and send your messasges. This may be difficult for those with problems connecting to their servers.For such souls we have the following tip.

    Pick Up and Send Mail Automatically
    Eudora (Mail Programme) can connect automatically at a predetermined time and send and receive mail. You can set this function for late night or early morning, so that connection is easy and uploading and downloading fast. Or just let the programme do it in the background, while you work on something else.

    Find News Quickly at DejaNews
    Use DejaNews http://www.dejanews.com/ to read and post news that you are interested in on the Usenet.

    Keep a tab on your Online Time
    To keep an eye on the time that you are connected for and the cost incurred use the Online Monitor at http://www.webutils.com/om.

    Trace Net Bottlenecks
    NeoTrace (http://www.neoworx.com/) displays links being used and which of them are slowing down the process. Find information about the routers and computers on the way. Now you know who to complain to

    What is going on?
    Ever wonder what is going on when you start downloading files and then wait for something to happen? Find out what is going on by pressing Ctrl-Alt-T in Netscape Navigator.

    Turn Off ActiveX and Java
    The future of the Internet may lie with Java, but it makes the present a big (slow) pain. Go to the View/Options/Security menu in Internet Explorer and in Netscape Navigator go to Edit/Preferences/Advanced menu and turn it off!

    What are you waiting for?
    Try out these tips and enjoy your faster browsing!

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    Nice Sharing Thanks
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    best info...........
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