how to prepare for board exams?


Jun 21, 2019
aoa, ,my brother wanted to go in medical so we have to shift him from oxford course to federal board courses. He did oxford books till class 8th and now the curriculum pattern is completely different in federal board, i have also been student of o levels so really dont know how to get him prepared for federal board plz help
Feb 27, 2019
wasalam.... first of all i appreciate that you shifted him from levels to matric as they deduct marks about 10% or so.. secondly since he has been shifted to complete new course outline i suggest to study from the day he has taken decision. In order to study please start reading and pick topics you havent studied before then watch conceptual videos. Also once you get the idea of course see past papers and try to solve basic questions. For past papers along with quality solution try Here you will be able to find conceptual videos past papers with their solutions and also chapter notes. Hope it helps you and best of luck to your brother :)
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