Market Price Is Ideal Transfer Price


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Mar 20, 2007
Toronto, Canada
Market Price is ideal transfer price even in limited markets. Comments
By limited market it means that the markets for buying and selling profit centers may be limited.Even in case of limited market the transfer price that is ideal or satisfies the requirement of a profit center system is the competitive price. In case if a company is not buying or selling its product in an outside market there are some ways to find the competitive price. They are as follows:

1. If published market prices are available, they can be used to establish transfer prices. However, these should be prices actually paid in the market-place and the conditions that exist in the outside market should be consistent with those existing within the company. For example, market prices that are applicable to relatively small purchases are not valid in this case.

2. Market prices are set by bids. This generally can be done only if the low bidder has a reasonable chance of obtaining the business. One company accomplishes this by buying about one-half of a particular group of products outside the company and one-half inside the company.

The company then puts all of the products out to bid, but selects one-half to stay inside. The company obtains valid bids, because low bidders can expect to get some of the business. By contrast, if a company requests bids solely to obtain a competitive price and does not award the contracts to the low bidder, it will soon find that either no one bids or that the bids are of questionable value.

3. If the production profit center sells similar products in outside markets, it is often possible to replicate a competitive price on the basis of the outside price.

4.If the buying profit center purchases similar products from the outside market, it may be possible to replicate competitive prices for its proprietary products. This can be done by calculating the cost of the difference in design and other conditions of sale between the competitive products and the proprietary products. So we see from the above arguments that market price is ideal transfer price even in limited markets.

Division of Aparna Company manufactures Product A, which is sold to another division as a component of its product B; which then is sold to third division to be used as part of its Product C (sold to outside market).Intra company transactions rule: standard cost plus a 10 percent return on fixed assets and inventory, to be paid by the buying division.



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