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Ms Software Engineering In China 2018

Discussion in 'Education & Learning' started by Mahaali14, Feb 1, 2018.

  1. Mahaali14

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    Jan 11, 2018
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    Program Overview:

    Since its inception, School of Software Engineering(SSE) insists on reform and innovation. SSE has established cooperative relations with 24 famous universities and 34 well-known enterprises, actively carrying out joint programs, double degree programs and student exchange programs with European and American universities. International students and Chinese students study in the same class without limitation in course selection. SSE’s graduates, most of whom work in government departments, financial institutions, IT enterprises and research institutes, keep the employment rate 100% for eight consecutive years.

    Program Characteristics:

    English Environment:
    Open about 40 English courses per year; Recruit foreign students and Chinese students, who work together to learn, live and communicate, to achieve the multicultural integration.

    Faculty Team:
    Recruit a large number of foreign experts to teach or deliver lectures; Regularly send our teachers abroad to exchange and study; establish international scientific research cooperation; improve international teaching, scientific research level, and build an international faculty team.

    Training Project:
    Carry out curriculum cooperation in combination with training project system with Microsoft, Thomson Reuters, Neusoft, Sony Ericsson and other enterprises; Build together with IBM a course system on information management direction.、

    Do internships in well-known enterprises in China such as IBM, Rentabiliweb Telecom (French company), IT consultis @ Shanghai, dodroid technology etc. Or in France, the United States and other countries: Gyl Solutions, Pomkaa (Paris, France), Genymobile Company, Intacct, La DISFE, etc.

    Program Curriculum
    The period of Full-time master’s candidates is normally 2 years. The master program requires international students to obtain 34 credits at the minimum. The course study should be completed within one year and the software engineering internship is not less than 6 months.

    General Courses (10 credits):
    Basic Level Chinese, Spoken Chinese, High-Level Chinese

    Major Courses (12 credits):
    Software Project Management, Software Requirement Engineering, Advanced Software Architecture, Software Quality Assurance, Advanced Operating system, Software Process Management, Software Metrics, Web Service Development Technology, Embedded Operating System, Embedded System Application Development, Internet of Things Technology, Database development, management, and optimization, Big data fusion and data warehouse, Data Mining and Data Analyzing, Mobile Application Development, Game Tool Development, Game Design and Implementation, Information Security: Technology and Application, Web Full Stack Development, Embedded Software Development based on Android etc.

    Project Training (8 credits)
    Software Project Training I, Software Project Training II

    Internship (4 credits):
    Software Engineering Internship in China or other places
  2. fahadzafar

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    Aug 11, 2017
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