Problems Women Face in Our Society, and how can we uplift her status (ESSAY)

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    1. What Problems Do Women Face In Our Society, How
    Can We Uplift The Status of Women In Pakistan”?

    “Women hold up half the sky at the same height as by men” (Mao).
    We are living in an Islamic society and Islam has given an equal status to both men
    and women. Still our society is male dominant. In the past before the rise of Islam,
    women had no rights. They were considered inferior to men. If we cast a look at our
    society, then we will come to know that the condition of women is the same as it was
    before Islam.
    Unlike other democratic countries, if we analyze women’s position in Pakistan then it
    will be seen that the women of Pakistan are facing a lot of problems. Most of our
    population resides in villages. The first problem which the village women face is that
    they are treated very harshly by their husbands, fathers and brothers. They have no
    freedom of thought, speech, expression etc. They are confined strictly to their
    homes. In our villages, literacy rate among women is very low. Even today the
    orthodox are against female education. They think it is a deadly sin to educate
    women. People think that women are fit only for domestic work. As our Prophet
    (P.B.U.H) said:
    “Seeking knowledge is the duty of every Muslim, man and woman”
    If in our society people are not advocating the education of women, it is not because
    of Islam but it is because of their traditions that they do not compromise.
    In villages, the women become victims of extremely cruel traditions like “swara”,
    which, means giving women to settle certain disputes and “kar-o-kari.” Another
    serious problem in our villages is marriage at a young age, just to get rid of their
    daughters and sisters, They just sell them to rich men even if they have no character
    but have money.
    If we look at the city, the women have fewer problems as compared to village women
    but still they face many problems. They struggle for their rights themselves: they
    don’t get any encouragement and support from their families. Sexual exploitation is
    another big problem for the women in Pakistan as is extreme violence.
    Although our government is trying its utmost for the betterment of women but until
    and unless the people are fully aware of women’s rights, the dream of a prosperous
    Pakistan will not come true. As it is said, “That society can never develop where the
    women are not given equal rights as those of men”.
    Recently the government of Pakistan has passed a bill of “Women Rights” and it is
    hoped that it will help our women a lot. It is the foremost duty of our government to
    educate the women of our villages and make them aware of their rights.
    We would like to finish our discussion with these remarks:
    “Modern world have banished the spinning wheel, the same law of progress makes
    the women of today different from her grandmother".
    Not clear at all what the saying means or how it is relevant

    2.What Problems Do Women Face In Our Society? How
    Can We Uplift Women's Status In Pakistan

    Women play an important role in our society. A woman is the one who is responsible
    for proper development of her child and she grooms the over all personality of her
    A woman can be a mother, a sister, a wife, a daughter etc. She is the symbol of love,
    security, affection and comfort.
    Our religion also emphasizes the rights and importance of a woman in society. As it
    is said:-
    “The hand that rocks the cradle rule the world"
    It means a woman has the power to do anything in the world: she can even rule the
    whole world. But it is our common observation that women do not get the status they
    Women face a lot of problems in our society. The main problem that they face is
    inequality between men and women. However, our religion also teaches the lesson
    that men and women must get equal rights. But the situation is reverse in our
    society. Women do not get equal education as compared to men. It is considered
    that the power of a family depends upon the number of its men folk; that is why men
    always get the higher position in society.
    All over the world women are victims of men’s violence. Women all over the world
    are overworked, underpaid and unrecognized. However, they are responsible for
    maintaining household. Women work harder and still are paid less.
    Now the question arises: "How can we uplift the status of women? First of all
    everyone has to realize the importance of proper education for women. Parents
    should encourage their daughters to get higher education. It is said that:-
    “A forest can grow itself but a garden cannot"
    So if parents encourage their daughters, they will prove to be responsible citizens of
    society, which, will be helpful in the development of our country.

    3.What Problems Do Women Face In Our Society? How
    Can We Uplift Women’s Status In Pakistan?

    The world cannot go on without men and women and for this reason women should
    be given rights in our society. Women face many problems.
    The first problem faced by them is that they do not get same rights as those of men.
    Secondly they are victims of violence and they are degraded as well as ill-treated. In
    villages most women are not even allowed to go out of their homes due to, which,
    they feel frustrated. Last but not the least; they cannot get good jobs due to illiteracy.
    There are many ways to uplift the status of women in Pakistan. Some are mentioned
    They should be treated according to the teachings of Islam. They should have free
    will to marry whomever they want to. They should receive education as that would
    help them in many ways:
    1- Getting jobs
    2- Nurturing children
    3- Helping their husbands with good advice
    These are the ways by which the status of women can be uplifted in Pakistan.

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