Urdu Dictionary-an Android App With Vocabulary Knowledge


Feb 25, 2016
Urdu to English dictionary is a learning android app which has the purpose to serves those people who are weak in their English vocabulary
Essential features of this app are as follows

Essential features of this app:

  • Home: Home feature allows the user to select the word of their desired language and translate it to search its meaning in Urdu
  • Thesaurus: Thesaurus allows the user to select the Urdu alphabet of its own choice and search all related English words starts from that Alphabet.
  • Audio voice: Audio voice allows the user to correct his or her pronunciation by listen the audio voice of their desired word
  • Urdu Keyboard: Urdu keyboard feature allows the user to type the Urdu word easily by just changing the dictionary mode
  • Antonym: You can find the opposite of your selected word through that feature
Download this app for free and enhance your English vocabulary in a quick span of time.

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