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    Foundation is most important makeup product a woman can wear. The right makeup foundation should perfectly match your complexion without leaving your face pink, orange, ashy or two-toned look.

    Since most women, regardless of skin color, have yellow-based skin, ideally your foundation should have a yellow base. It can make the difference between creating the look of having naturally, flawless skin or looking as if you are wearing a mask.

    The foundation market today is saturated with many types and brands of foundations. At the cosmetics counter you are confronted with an array of choices - liquid, powder, cream, oil-free, allergy tested, cake, stick, stay-on, hypoallergenic, cream to powder, non-comedogenic and camouflage foundations. It is indeed quite a mind-blowing experience, especially if you are a first time buyer.

    The following are your basic options:

    Liquid foundations usually offer sheer coverage and provide a natural look. Most women prefer a liquid foundation because it is easy to apply and, because it is sheer, looks most natural. They are available in water-based and oil-based formulas.

    Cream foundations are traditionally the number one choice of makeup artists. They are usually available in compacts or sticks, and provide good coverage. Foundations of this consistency provide a creamy flawless finish and are easy to apply. However, because of the higher coverage, it is more critical to identify a shade closest to your natural skin color with a yellow base.

    In today’s fast paced world, the modern woman is always in search of a “quick fix”. To her, time is precious, yet she needs to look great in seconds. Many brands offer their solution to this in the form of powder foundations. This is basically a powder and foundation in one. It provides the easy application of a powder with the excellent coverage of a foundation.

    The very first step in selecting your perfect foundation makeup is assessing your skin type, to determine the type of foundation that would work best for you.

    Selecting the right shade of foundation for your skin tone is critical. Most women have yellow-based skin. To get a perfect match and to create the look of having naturally flawless skin, you need to wear a foundation with a yellow base.

    Apply your foundation with a cosmetic sponge for more control and a smoother application.

    Liquid foundation should be blended in a little at a time until the entire face is completed. Matte liquid foundations generally dry faster, so you may need to apply to one section of your face and blend, before moving on to another section. If you have naturally clear skin, liquid foundations may be your best option.

    Cream foundation should be applied in long sweeping motions using your cosmetic sponge. Blend evenly until you create a smooth flawless finish. This type of foundation is best for drier skin types and for more mature skin. Ideal for women requiring heavier coverage.

    Powder foundation should be applied as you would your normal compact powder. These foundations usually have very good coverage, but work best on lighter skin colors.

    Camouflage foundations have been developed for women who need to conceal marks, acne, vitiligo, rosacea, etc. They provide maximum coverage and generally have excellent staying power. The one problem with such heavy coverage foundations is that they often do not blend well with most skin colors, resulting in an artificial, two-toned look.

    Remember, proper blending is the key. Blend your foundation under the jawline, into the hairline, on the ear lobes. Pay special attention to the corners of the nose, corners of the mouth, over and under the eyes. If you need to retouch a particular spot, re-apply lightly and blend. Lightly powder with a yellow based translucent face powder to set your foundation.

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    I use a pouder foundation from Nouba. And it is so easy to apply. And it stays the whole day good. It covers very good. And your skin doesn't get oily.
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    me use plaster of paris... aik baar laga lo aik saal ka oil , no need of sun block and other alla baalla.....

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