Management Control In Matrix Structures


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Mar 20, 2007
Toronto, Canada
Management control in matrix structures

Matrix organizational structure assigns multiple responsibilities to the functional heads. Evaluation of performance of such organizational entities is very difficult. Though they offer economies of using scares functional staff, it poses problems of casting the individual responsibility. This form of organization is very complex, from the point of view of management control system.

At the end we must not forget that the management control system is for the organization and not the organization exists for management control system. One has to mold and remold the management control system to suit the given organization structure

A citation by Anthony is worth noting in this regard.

Usually in an advertisement agency, account supervisors are shifted from one account to another on periodic basis, this practice allows the agency to look at the account from the perspectives of different executives. However taking in to consideration the time lag of result realization in such services is quite large. And this may pose problem of performance assessment of a particular executive. This does not mean a control system designer should insist on abandoning the rotation system of the executives.

Matrix structure offers advantages such as faster decision making process, efficiency and effectiveness but simultaneously it may pose problems such as added complexity in control function, assignment of responsibility and authority etc.
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