Radio Transceiver Handset For Iphone

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    Sometimes, when you're barrelling down the highways of life, you just have to reach out your voice into the darkness and see who's there
    The CB Radio iPhone Handset is just a lot of fun. Plug it into your iPhone (or any smart phone with a 3.5mm headphone jack) and get ready for loads of retro fun. A dial on the side turns the unit on and pumps up the volume, it's got a belt clip, But the real joy of the CB Radio iPhone Handset is the mute button.
    Looks just like you ripped it off an old CB radio
    Microphone integrated into cord for better sound pickup
    Answer and Hang Up button
    Volume Control and Power On/Off dial
    Mute Button - mutes the other side to feel more like a real one-way CB radio

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